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Board of Selectmen

Snow Emergency Parking Ban 2016

Administration: Jennifer M. Callahan, Town Administrator
Board Members: Joseph G. Rapoza, Chairman – (Term: 2019)
Jennifer Dean Wing, Vice Chairman – (Term: 2018)
John M. Laura, Secretary – (Term: 2017)
Roland P. Barrett – (Term: 2018)
Vacancy – (Term: 2017)
Mailing Address: Longfellow Municipal Center
8 Central Street
Millville, MA  01529
Phone: 508-883-1186
Fax: 508-883-2994
Emails: Barrett:  selectman1@millvillema.org
Rapoza: selectman2@millvillema.org
Vacant:  selectman3@millvillema.org
Laura:    selectman4@millvillema.org.
Wing:     selectman5@millvillema.org
Meetings: 1st and 3rd Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m., or as posted.

MISSION/VISION STATEMENT – Adopted March 2, 2015

It shall be the goal of the Board of Selectmen to meet Town resident needs by ensuring public safety, encouraging recreational and cultural activity, supporting the school districts, and focusing resources on commercial development to ensure Millville’s future viability while striving for the highest quality of life for all its citizens.


Some of the many responsibilities of the Selectmen include, but are not limited to: calling Town elections and approving the Town Meeting warrants; reviewing and making recommendations to the municipal annual budget at Town Meeting; authorizing expenditures; making appointments to municipal boards and committees; authorizing the licensing of alcoholic beverages, restaurants and car dealers; granting utility department requests for pole relocations; and representing the Town before state and regional bodies.