Upcoming Events

7:00 pm Planning Board @ Millville Town Hall
Planning Board @ Millville Town Hall
Mar 26 @ 7:00 pm
Planning Board March 26 at 700 PM
7:00 pm Conservation Commission @ Millville Senior Center
Conservation Commission @ Millville Senior Center
Mar 28 @ 7:00 pm
Conservation Commission March 28 at 700 PM

Green Energy

Members: Joseph Rapoza
Trish Benoit-Rudden
Christopher Capozzoli
Keith Boone
Brian Faulkner
Contact: 508-883-3117

The Board of Selectmen voted to create the Green Community Committee as follows:

To continue the work of the previous Committee including, but not limited to, educating the Town of Millville on clean energy options and measures that can be implemented to reduce energy use, conserve resources and reduce emissions; assisting in the development of cost effective projects on municipal facilities to reduce energy and resource use; developing renewable energy resources; investigating opportunities to develop programs and projects to foster energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and sustainability planning throughout the community; promoting awareness of new technologies and their potential impact on energy use and resource conservation; interacting with Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources; researching, applying for, and administering appropriate grants; ensuring the Town retains its status as a designated Green Community; and submitting annual reports to the Board of Selectmen.”