Upcoming Events

6:00 pm Council on Aging @ Millville Town Hall
Council on Aging @ Millville Town Hall
Jul 25 @ 6:00 pm
Agenda posted at Town Hall
6:00 pm Board of Health @ Millville Town Hall
Board of Health @ Millville Town Hall
Aug 1 @ 6:00 pm
Agenda posted at Town Hall

Assessors Office

David Manzello
Marilyn Mathieu
Peter Mars
Address: Millville Town Hall
290 Main Street
Millville, MA  01529
Tel: (508) 883-5031


Tax Assessment Information: FY2018ValidSales and Millville Assessment Brochure 2018

Assessors Tools Collage


Reminder! – Annual Filing with Assessors’ Office:

*Tax Abatement Application File Deadline: February 1st 

*Charitable and non-profit organizations need to file their “Form3ABC” by March 1st.

*Businesses and other holders of “personal property” need to file their “Form of List” by March 1st.

*Please note that both forms are available on the town’s website, under “forms”, then “Board of Assessors”.

Click Here for Property Assessment Data: http://millville.patriotproperties.com

The role of the Assessors Office is the valuation of all real and personal property throughout the entire community. The Department of Revenue requires that all property is valued at full and fair cash value which ensures that all property owners pay their fair and equitable share of the yearly tax burden. This office is responsible for meeting and adhering to strict certification requirements of the State Department of Revenue. To meet these requirements, the assessors are obligated to revalue all properties yearly and, once every three years, undergo a state recertification audit. In addition to its appraisal duties, the Assessors Office responsibilities include the processing of property tax abatements, personal exemptions, excise tax issues as well as various real estate related inquiries.

Current Tax Rates per $1000 evaluation:

  • Motor Vehicle: $25.00
  • Real Estate: $16.56
  • Personal Property: $16.56