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7:00 pm Planning Board @ Millville Town Hall
Planning Board @ Millville Town Hall
Sep 24 @ 7:00 pm
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Highway Department

Highway Surveyor: Brian Mullaly
Contact: Millville Town Hall
290 Main Street
Millville, MA 01529
508-883-0977 (Cell)
508-876-9744 (Home)
508-883-3117 (Emergency)
Email:  highway@millvillema.org


The Town’s Highway Department is under the direction of the elected Highway Surveyor, Brian Mullaly.  Brian is responsible for 25 miles of Town-owned roads and handles many important duties in order to carry out his main concern for the Town’s residents…SAFETY OF ALL ROADWAYS.

Some, but not all, of the Highway Surveyor’s duties include maintenance and replacement of storm drains, maintenance of sidewalks and bridges, blacktopping, crack sealing, berm replacement, maintenance and replacement of guardrails, overseeing the Town’s snow plowing and sanding, and adhering to the mandates and requirements of Stormwater Management.

Throughout April and May, the Highway Surveyor oversees the sweeping of roadways of any winter debris and salts from winter storms.  Throughout the summer months, a summer crew works on brush removal and general clean-up on Town road right-of-ways to maintain the visibility for both safety and aesthetic purposes.