Upcoming Events

7:00 pm Planning Board @ Millville Town Hall
Planning Board @ Millville Town Hall
Sep 24 @ 7:00 pm
Agenda is posted on Board outside Town Hall

Town Accountant

Town Accountant: Justin Cole
Telephone: 508-278-8600 ext. 2004
Email: townacct@millvillema.org

The Town Accountant protects the Town’s financial interests and ensures that Town resources are expended and received according to local By-laws, Massachusetts General Laws and sound accounting practices.  Charged with maintaining and examining all financial records, the Town Accountant provides officials and the public accurate information to facilitate the effective management of the Town.

The Town Accountant maintains all the financial records for the Town and examines and approves all financial transactions verifying compliance with local and state law.  The Town Accountant maintains the general ledger, monitors all budgets and provides a monthly budget statement to all departments and boards.  The Town Accountant is also responsible for the financial software used by the Town as well as the filing of all reports to the Department of Revenue and various governmental agencies.