Funding Priorities & Criteria

The Millville Cultural Council gathers input from the community every three years and develops funding priorities based on this feedback. This year the Millville Cultural Council will give priority to: projects that support arts education and access for students to opportunities beyond what is available through the public school system; projects that serve families, youth and the elderly; projects that focus on Millville’s history and build pride in our town; and/or projects that encourage improved community involvement in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences.

In addition to the state criteria (public benefit, non-discrimination, no substitution, focus on arts/humanities/interpretive sciences), applications will be evaluated using the following:

  • How well the program meets our local priorities;
  • Community support and interest in the event or program;
  • Evidence of the applicant’s track record and dedication to events in our town;
  • Ability to secure an appropriate local venue that improves residents’ ability to participate;
  • Demonstrated planning that involves local organization(s); and
  • Financial need