EEE Health and Safety Information

Alert Message from the Town of Millville:

A mosquito sample collected from Millville on 8/29/19 has tested positive for EEE virus. The sample included Culiseta melanura mosquitoes. Accordingly, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has raised the warning level of the Town of Millville to Critical. Please note there have been no cases of EEE infection of any humans nor animals in the town. Nonetheless it remains important that residents take proper precautions of prevention including use of bug spray when outdoors and restricting all outdoor activity between dusk and dawn. If you have any questions, please call the Board of Health at 508-883-8433 or visit the Mass. Dept. of Public Health website at:

Due to the critical risk level of Eastern Equine Encephalitis, all municipal fields, and parks will be closed for outdoor activities from 6pm to 8am until further notice. This includes the field at Millville Elementary School.  For further EEE information and spray maps, please visit the Massachusetts Department of Public Health website. Thank you.