Town Moderator


The Town Moderator is the official who presides over Town Meetings, and in some cases, other municipal meetings.  The Moderator’s job is to run Town Meetings and declare the outcome of all votes.  The Town Moderator is elected at the Annual Town Election for a 3-year term.  The Millville Bylaws state that, “The duties of the Moderator, not prescribed by statutes or these bylaws, shall be determined by the general rules of parliamentary law, so far as they may be adopted pursuant to Town Meetings.”

In the United States, the area of the country best known for the Town Meeting form of government is New England.  The Town of Millville operates with an Open Town Meeting where any voter is permitted to attend and vote on legislative matters, budgets, Bylaws, etc.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Les Davis Town Moderator (508) 883-3238