Tax Rates (FY 2020)

Real Estate: $16.06
Personal Property: $16.06
Motor Vehicle Excise: $25.00

Real Estate and Personal Property bills are mailed on June 30th for the 1st and 2nd quarter bills and due in office by August 1st, November 1st. The 3rd and 4th quarter bills are mailed on December 31 and are due on February 1 and May 1. Interest at 14% per annum and will be charged on each delinquent payment.  Around May 15th demands will be issued. Partial payments are accepted and payment plans can be arranged with the Treasurer.

Motor Vehicle Excise are originated from the Registry of Motor Vehicles and sent to the towns throughout the year. Full amounts are due within 30 days of mailing. Demands are issued and charged additional fees and interest. Any bills remaining delinquent after 14 days are sent to the Deputy Collector, who in turn, sends out a Notice of Warrant and fees increase by $22.00. After 30 days, a notice is delivered to residents for an additional charge of $17.00. Eventually, the Registry will be notified to take non-renewable action against your drivers license and/or registration. You will have to pay a fee to the Registry to reinstate your license or registration.  These fees and interest can be very costly.